10 Inspiring Travel Blogs for 2015

The Top 10 Most Inspiring Travel Blogs for 2015There are so many personal and collaborative travel websites out there with people from all over the world sharing their adventures. Here’s the top 10 travel websites to get you inspired for your next trip.

1. Maptia

Maptia.comMaptia is a new comer to the travel space with a very Medium like feel to it, allowing users to publish their own stories. It’s focus is on thought provoking, inspirational stories and photography from storytellers all around the world. You can sign up and create your own story or get lost in the seemingly endless amounts of beautifully presented content that already exists on the site.
Great posts from Maptia:

2. World of Wanderlust

world of wanderlustWorld of Wanderlust is a Travel & Lifestyle blog created by Brooke who shares thought provoking and inspired posts accompanied by photographs that make you wish you were there (wherever there might be). The blog is turning 3 this year and is only increasing in popularity, I’m looking forward to seeing what 2015 brings for World of Wanderlust.
Posts from World of Wanderlust that’ll make you want to travel:

3. Nomadic Matt

nomadic mattNomadic Matt is the veteran solo traveller and after recently posting his 10 year travel anniversary post, you can imagine the vast amount of travel tips he’s shared along the way. From being a big inspiration to me back when I started researching my first trip, I’ve continued to follow Matt’s travels and find inspiration in his posts.
Helpful posts from Nomadic Matt:

4. Alex in Wanderland

Alex In WanderlandAlex In Wanderland is travel blogger who has been travelling the world and blogging about it since 2011, in this time covering a long list of destinations which you can see here. She has an amazing way of not only giving you insights into what you can discover in these destinations but drawing you in to her own personal story which you’ll love!
Inspiring & Helpful posts from Alex In Wanderland:

5. the Blonde Abroad

The Blonde AbroadThe Blonde Abroad is in here partly for the great content she provides and partly for the quality of her website that really helps to deliver that content. You can find exactly what your looking for with the ability to easily select categories based on different types of travel, activities, destinations.
3 helpful posts from The Blonde Abroad:

6. Matador Network

Matador Network I love the Matador Network as you can find posts on a huge variety of travel related subjects and while they do love their list posts, they offer a lot of quality content outside of this style as well.
Posts I found useful from the Matador Network:

7. BuzzFeed Travel

buzzfeed TravelSome people may question the addition of BuzzFeed Travel, but they have such a huge amount of content in their travel section allowing you to browse posts on anything from random travel themes and destinations to very useful travel tips. Take a look at some of the examples below and I’m sure you’ll end up a little more inspired for your next trip by the time you’re done.
Useful posts from BuzzFeed Travel:

8. Fearful Adventurer

Fearful AdventurerThe Fearful Adventurer is a blog by Torre DeRoche, I found this gem while looking into a trip I was taking a few years back and loved everything about it. Two of my favourites are below but there many more and I enjoyed reading them so much that I bought Torre’s book “Love with a Chance of Drowning”, which I’d recommend to anyone with a love of travelling.
Useful posts from Fearful Adventurer:

9. Off Track Planet

Off Track PlanetOff Track Planet is on here because I’ve been following the website for years and love the weird and wonderful posts they publish. If titles like “Guide to Visiting Stateless Nations” and “Hey Man, Why Are You Surfing on a River?” sound interesting to you, go take a look.
Weird and wonderful posts from Off Track Planet:

10. Casey Neistat

Casey NeistatThere are lots of other brilliant travel blogs and websites out there (feel free to add them in the comments below), but I’m throwing in Casey Neistat as an honorary mention for number 10. While Casey is technically a film director, his YouTube videos, Instagram posts and even Snapchat stories involve a great deal of travel and more importantly adventure. To get a better idea of why Casey made it into this top 10, take a look at the videos below.
Awesome YouTube Videos from Casey Neistat:

What have I missed? Comment and tell us which sites you think should be included in this list!

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