10 Inspiring Travel Blogs for 2015

There are so many personal and collaborative travel websites out there with people from all over the world sharing their adventures. Here’s the top 10 travel websites to get you inspired for your next trip. 1. Maptia Maptia is a new comer to the travel space with a very Medium like feel to it, allowing… Read More

2015: A Year of Progress

Living in a new place allows you to change many aspects of your life, this is something I was looking forward to with my move to Sydney. Just like everyone else, I have so many dreams and aspirations that are not given the attention they deserve. This is something I am really trying to focus… Read More

Learning to Surf for Free

Sadly enough, a big part of me making the move to Australia was an urge to learn to surf. (I’m aware that there are a lot of other places I could have learnt to surf that wouldn’t have required me relocating half the world away, but that’d be too easy.) I’ve already been in Australia… Read More

Forest Walk to Sublime Point

This weekend we (Me, Mike, Matt & Daisy) went for a hike from Coalcliff to Austinmer, which me and Mike were drastically unprepared for. Setting off that morning we were expecting a nice walk through a national park, not a 15km hike with a pretty lengthy ascent to start. We soon realised our mistake when… Read More

Returning to South East Asia

In less than twenty one days I’ll be heading back to South East Asia for six weeks of travelling mainly through Thailand (where the military have declared a coup) and Cambodia before ending up in Australia to start a years working holiday. As the departure date gets closer it seems harder and harder to concentrate… Read More

Is It Too Late?

While reading answers to a question on Quora that asked “I am 35 and I haven’t achieved much in life. Is it too late?” I found a great quote within an answer, among a long list of other great answers. The writer of the answer had been in a string of dead end jobs and… Read More

5 Months Travelling Around the World

Two years ago me and Cal (The guy on the right ^) went travelling for just under five months, in that time we managed to see parts of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and USA. After arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport(Bangkok) we headed straight for Khao San Road in a taxi to… Read More