Is It Too Late?

While reading answers to a question on Quora that asked “I am 35 and I haven’t achieved much in life. Is it too late?” I found a great quote within an answer, among a long list of other great answers.

The writer of the answer had been in a string of dead end jobs and couldn’t see a way out, but they got persuaded to apply for a course learning about a subject they weren’t even sure they would enjoy and ended up getting accepted. When voicing concerns about whether or not they should actually go ahead with it, a friend offered;

You were right to take the opportunity when it arose. When doors are opened for you, take them. Don’t worry about where they’ll lead, just know that when an opportunity arose, you took it. That first open door will lead to another. You won’t be happy with all the choices you make, but at least you’ll be moving somewhere.

They didn’t end up pursuing a career that was directly related to the course but because of the experience and contacts made throughout the time they spent there, they were able to land a job doing something similar that they enjoyed.

So even if you have no idea what you want to do with your life, not matter your age, don’t waste time being unhappy just because it’s the easier option. Take the opportunities that come your way and make the effort to change your own situation if you don’t like it, because what you really don’t want is to look back at your life and see a long list of regrets.

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